Figment Dallas rescheduled to Sat. Dec. 1 - interactive public art festival

Sat. Dec.1 from 10am-10pm the FIGMENT Dallas art festival with 30+ artists, interactive public art, music, games & more takes place at Reverchon Park, 3505 Maple, Dallas 75219. All Ages. Free

One-day only FIGMENT Dallas art festival offers 30+ artist projects featuring interactive public art, music, games, sculpture, immersive environments & more. bring your picnic basket, decorate your stroller or bike. costumes are optional but encouraged. All Ages. Free.


FIGMENT is a forum for the creation and display of participatory and interactive art by both emerging & established artists across disciplines. Art is not just something that you stand still and quietly look at–it is something you participate in. You touch it, smell it, write on it, talk to it, dance with it, play with it, learn from it. Interactive art creates a dynamic collaboration between the artist, the audience and their environment. FIGMENT’s goal is to advance social and personal transformation through creativity, in the form of free participatory arts events


xtine burrough, inter.sect Art Collective, Dwayne Carter, Punktronica, !Bang!, Chico Teng, Michael Krolczyk, Brandi Lakey Rafael, David DAR Carroll, Sandy Hennessey, James Caddell, Anissa Sartini, Jambulance + AeroBNB, Rebecca Archuleta and Jim Strauss, Tiffany Grimes, The Hoopaholic Experience, Taylor Bolinger, Dale Gibson, Ping Pong Camp, Zachary Pitts, Jim Welch, Marina Shterenberg, Heather Simpson, Domino-Land, North Texas Light Brigade, Carlos Ruiz, Eric Collier Roberts, Super Love Heroes & more TBA.

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come out & play.
-or- text "figment" to 88202 for details