Our Team

FIGMENT is run by a dedicated group of volunteer planners and staff. Our rewards are in communities of artists coming together to create exciting new works, kids exploring their creative impulses, and the public engaging in participatory art–often for the first time in their lives.


Suza Kanon, Producer
Janelle Teng, Assistant Production Director
Patrick Hennessey, Finance Liaison
_____________ , Fundraising Director
Sandy Hennessey, Outreach Director
Barbados Pearl, Volunteer Director
Ashley Haney, Volunteer Coordinator
Kyle Gerst, Venue Liason (Reverchon)
Hillary Stuckeman, Curatorial Co-Director
Jac Que, Curatorial Co-Director
Dawn Dreyer, Communication Director  
Stephanie Toal, Communication, Graphic Designer

FIGMENT Dallas Curatorial Team

Curatorial Director(3)
Installations/Mobile/Art Car/Bikes Lead
Music/Multimedia Art Lead
Dance/Theater/Performance Lead
Activities/Workshops/Games Lead
Children's Activities Lead
Dream Bigger - Large Scale Projects Lead

FIGMENT Dallas Production Team

Production Director
Assistant Production Director
Venue Liasion
Sound/ Stage
Installation/De-Installation Lead
Stage Management
DPW, Map Lead and Placement, Power
Volunteer Director
Leave No Trace (LNT) Lead
Greeter Corps Lead
HQ Lead

FIGMENT Dallas Communications Team

Communications Co-Directors / Press Contact
Social Media Outreach, Newsletters / Email Blasts
Outreach Director
Event Documentation / Archivists (3)
Signage Placement Team Lead



  • Latest from the blog

    FIGMENT Dallas has Been Cancelled

    FIGMENT Dallas has been cancelled to prioritize the safety of our guests, artists and volunteers. 


    VOLUNTEERS who want to return gear can make arrangements to do so with your volunteer coordinator contact. THANK YOU so much for all the love, money, sweat, work, and creativity you put into your projects. I have no doubt that after things blow over we will put something together again.


    We appreciate all the support & dedication to the concept, but for the time being FIGMENT will be on hiatus, in stasis, marinating on new creative projects that will eventually blossom and come to fruition when the time is right. We believe in your creativity and the resilience of humanity. Although we all have to make adjustments and learn new habits, we are hoping to soon overcome our world's present challenges by remaining flexible, patient and making the most of our resources. let's mitigate exposure to large groups for now. but try to get some sunshine this weekend as we all learn to practice safety protocols and social distancing measures.


    don't panic, be patient, friends. keep being creative. & wash your hands <3 love you & see you on the other side of this thing.

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