Top-10 Things Artists Should Know about FIGMENT

  1. Everyone is welcome. Artists and participants of any age or experience are welcome to be a part of FIGMENT.
  2. All of the local art at FIGMENT is participatory. We look for art that encourages people to play, dance, sing, create, engage, experiment, interact, and explore their environment. See below for our curatorial considerations.
  3. No sales, logos, or advertising. The art at FIGMENT is a gift from the artist to the local community. Nothing is for sale at this event. At FIGMENT, interactions between people are not mediated by commercial transactions of any kind. There is no advertising, nothing is for sale, no vending, and no one asks for donations (other than at the fundraisers for the event itself).
  4. We’re outdoors in a public park. FIGMENT takes place outside in a public area, so your project should be designed to withstand the weather and the public.
  5. We leave no trace. Your project can not leave any mark on the park, and artists must be prepared to completely remove and clean up after their project. See our LNT Guide for more information.
  6. We’re all volunteer. FIGMENT Dallas is an all-volunteer organization & 501c3. Our staff gives their time as a gift to artists and participants. Additionally, artists need to supply all of the labor they need to install, supervise, and deinstall their project.
  7. FIGMENT is a completely free event. There is no charge for artists or participants to be a part of the event. It costs nothing to get in and is all ages.
  8. We have no artists grants. The day-long event does not have a budget for project grants. We encourage artists and collectives to do fundraising events or seek donations for their projects.
  9. FIGMENT Dallas will do a call-for-artists in May 2018 and ask artists to tell us about their projects in a proposal application. 2018 submission requirements will look a lot like what is listed here, basically no climbing & no fire). Sign up for the artist mailing list for up to date info on be one of the first to get the 2018 proposal application.
  10. We're in other cities, too! There are FIGMENT Weekend events happening around the globe, and we encourage artists to bring their projects to multiple cities! Find out where else Figment Project is happening at