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FIGMENT Dallas has Been Cancelled

FIGMENT Dallas has been cancelled to prioritize the safety of our guests, artists and volunteers. 


VOLUNTEERS who want to return gear can make arrangements to do so with your volunteer coordinator contact. THANK YOU so much for all the love, money, sweat, work, and creativity you put into your projects. I have no doubt that after things blow over we will put something together again.


We appreciate all the support & dedication to the concept, but for the time being FIGMENT will be on hiatus, in stasis, marinating on new creative projects that will eventually blossom and come to fruition when the time is right. We believe in your creativity and the resilience of humanity. Although we all have to make adjustments and learn new habits, we are hoping to soon overcome our world's present challenges by remaining flexible, patient and making the most of our resources. let's mitigate exposure to large groups for now. but try to get some sunshine this weekend as we all learn to practice safety protocols and social distancing measures.


don't panic, be patient, friends. keep being creative. & wash your hands <3 love you & see you on the other side of this thing.

Artist List Announced!

FIGMENT Dallas 2020 Participating Artist List!

We are pleased to announce the acceptance of 31 Artist Projects for our upcoming Interactive Public Art event at Reverchon Park, on March 14.

Barbados Pearl - Coming Together
Beki Pubill- Chromatic Gateway
Boston Kassidy - Ballooniverse
Clay Austin - Interactive UV Painting
Dale Gibson - Figment Universal Telecom
Decotoro (art car)
Dwayne Carter - Everybody is a Star
Eric MacGorman/Third World - 2026
Evan Henry - INFLUX
Gregor Phlegar - Cymatic Machine
Heather Noelle - Electric lotus
Heaven's Gate (dome)
Jac Que - Pyramids of Forgotten Dimensions
Jambulance & Crash Pad (art car)
Kyle Gerst - Clarity Productions Acroyoga
Lindsey Smith - The Lounge
Lotus Ranch - Fold of Chairs to be Told
LvL Up by Ignite Art Collective
Matthew Brenner - Radiovisor
Nolan Mueller - Kevin! I'm Home, the puzzle
Ping Pong Camp
Rebecca Archuleta & Jim Strauss - Recycle Rainbow
Rebecca Boatman - Clay in Hand
Rob Stokes - Spinnaker
Sean Crawford - Milestone
Simple Civilian Elpmis Nailivic - Remote Control Painting
Suza Kanon - Tiny Camp
Tyler Thompson - RFLCT (LED installation)
xtine burrough - Syntonic Refuge

Mark your calendar March 14!

Figment of my Rainbow Imagination


✰ Friday, December 13th | 10PM - 4AM ✰

FIGMENT Dallas & Rainbow Vomit are teaming up to bring you an unforgettable evening of art, music, and dance! Join these two artistic collectives in a special night to support a great cause as we raise funds for the FIGMENT art festival in 2020!

Rainbow Vomit is Dallas' #1 rated immersive art exhibit. This unique art museum and event space is located across the street from the historic Fair Park right off the DART. The 2600-square foot space has been turned into a multi-sensory experience filled with instagrammable visuals that people of all ages can enjoy together. With more than 20 unique photo opportunities throughout the exhibit, the installations include over 6000 LEDs, 300 pounds of cotton, 25 pounds of glitter, 5 miles of ribbon and 1 secret unicorn!
\(ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)/wow!*✰

A day-long, annual interactive art event in Reverchon Park to be held on March 14, 2020 [10AM-10PM]. Figment Dallas is a free public festival with all self funded, participatory art projects. This annual festival is outside and features local artists creating interactive and participatory visual artwork, performance art, offering music, costuming, large scale sculptures, immersive environment installations, art cars/bikes, hands-on creative workshops, and video installations. No vending, no artist stipends, no sponsors/logos. Open to the public and free for all ages.

FIGMENT is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization entirely funded by grants and individual donations. FIGMENT accepts no corporate sponsorship of any kind. FIGMENT Global is supported by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.
( ✪ワ✪)ノʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

This FUNdraiser is an opportunity to support the FIGMENT vision while enjoying what Rainbow Vomit & our local musical talents have to offer!

♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆ COSTUMES HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

Ghost daddies - The Guild | Sonorous
Dj Space Chase - Disco Initiative
Tempr - Sonorous | Sonic Soul Tribe
Sasquatch - Sonorous | Your Mom
I Am Prometheus - Disco Initiative | Sonorous| The Guild
HanzClowd - Disco Initiative | Sonorous

✰ $20 - Online Presales here >>
✰ $25 - Door | portions of the proceeds go to FIGMENT Dallas 2020
✰ Open Bar | 21 & Up only

Paid lots. Street parking. Across from Fair Park Dart train station.








Five x Seven Art Race 11/9/2019

Five x Seven Art Race Art Auction for Figment Dallas features 50+ original works of art by Texas artists, all hung anonymously, and all within the dimensions of 5×7 inches. Join new and seasoned art enthusiasts for an evening of music, exciting new artwork, media projections, and great conversations. Add to your collection and support the arts in Dallas!

*Art Preview, 6–9P with Art Sale, 9-10PM

The Art Preview is your chance to see the artwork before it goes on sale for $100 each at 9P art race style. Scout out your favorites and be the first to pull the tag when the bell sounds to add to your collection!

 Art Race 5″x7″ artworks are $100 each from 9-10. Silent Auction winners announced at 8:30. Participating artists include: Patricia Rodriguez, Andy Don Emmons, Levi Hollandsworth, Roy Cirigliani, Steve Cruz, Rebecca Boatman, Dwayne Carter, Michael Lagocki, Alex Soden, Alex Stock, Brantly Sheffield, Brett Ardoin, Carlos Ruiz, Fireball Heidel, Heather Soden, Jenice Johnson Williams, Johnny Olson, Kat Laurel, Kelley Cheek, Lisa Oakes, Matt Ropollo, Michael Wayward Krolczyk, Mike Handy, Misty Posey, Nolan Mueller, Paige Christensen, Suzi Migdol & more.

All proceeds from Five x Seven Art Race at Janette Kennedy Gallery help support the 501c3 nonprofit Figment Dallas and its annual interactive arts festival at Reverchon Parkcoming this spring.

You can also directly donate to FIGMENT Dallas.

Interview with Dallas Observer


Interactive Art Program Figment Raising Funds for Dallas Event in the Fall

For some people, art is just another way of making money. But for many others, it's a passion, and that's what a new group coming to Dallas this fall is hoping to celebrate. If all goes according to plan, New York-based nonprofit group Figment will host its first event in...

Top-10 Things Artists Should Know about FIGMENT

  1. Everyone is welcome. Artists and participants of any age or experience are welcome to be a part of FIGMENT.
  2. All of the local art at FIGMENT is participatory. We look for art that encourages people to play, dance, sing, create, engage, experiment, interact, and explore their environment. See below for our curatorial considerations.
  3. No sales, logos, or advertising. The art at FIGMENT is a gift from the artist to the local community. Nothing is for sale at this event. At FIGMENT, interactions between people are not mediated by commercial transactions of any kind. There is no advertising, nothing is for sale, no vending, and no one asks for donations (other than at the fundraisers for the event itself).
  4. We’re outdoors in a public park. FIGMENT takes place outside in a public area, so your project should be designed to withstand the weather and the public.
  5. We leave no trace. Your project can not leave any mark on the park, and artists must be prepared to completely remove and clean up after their project. See our LNT Guide for more information.
  6. We’re all volunteer. FIGMENT Dallas is an all-volunteer organization & 501c3. Our staff gives their time as a gift to artists and participants. Additionally, artists need to supply all of the labor they need to install, supervise, and deinstall their project.
  7. FIGMENT is a completely free event. There is no charge for artists or participants to be a part of the event. It costs nothing to get in and is all ages.
  8. We have no artists grants. The day-long event does not have a budget for project grants. We encourage artists and collectives to do fundraising events or seek donations for their projects.
  9. FIGMENT Dallas will do a call-for-artists in May 2018 and ask artists to tell us about their projects in a proposal application. 2018 submission requirements will look a lot like what is listed here, basically no climbing & no fire). Sign up for the artist mailing list for up to date info on be one of the first to get the 2018 proposal application.
  10. We're in other cities, too! There are FIGMENT Weekend events happening around the globe, and we encourage artists to bring their projects to multiple cities! Find out where else Figment Project is happening at
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The Governors Cup: An Art Installation of 30,000 Plastic Cups for FIGMENT Art Festival on Governors Island

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Our 6 Favorite Public Art Shows

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Photos: FIGMENT's Whimsical Art Installations Take Over Governors Island

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